Monday, September 12, 2011

The Houses in Remembrance!

When I wrote Remembrance, I paid careful attention to what each of the houses mentioned looked like. I found an awesome website,, and found the houses on there. I wanted each house to be perfect, and spent a long time figuring out the exact right ones for each character. I saved them into a file to use while writing the book, and am excited to share them with you now.

So, here's a look into the homes of your favorite characters in Remembrance! 

Lizzie's House

Lizzie's bedroom is #2, with the door looking out into the back yard. Technically it's not a door with a balcony in the official floorplan, but I took some creative licenses in putting it there ;)

Drew's House

Drew's bedroom is #2 ... you can see there's a staircase with a loft connected to it :)
When Lizzie first enters it's through the back door in the garage, and one of the first thing she sees is the second staircase. (I also took creative license and made the garage a four-car instead of a three-car).

Chelsea's House

Chelsea's bedroom is #1 -- it's HUGE!

Shannon's House

Shannon's bedroom is #3, and bedroom #2 is where the billiard table is and where they played darts. The "home office" is the library. 

Elizabeth's House (past life)

Perhaps you'll recognize this from when she talked about it in French class ;)


  1. I am obsessed with home plans. Totally drooling over this post.

  2. Oh this is very cool!
    I might have to just go play on that website fore fun! =)

  3. I never thought of looking up house plans before! That's so neat :) definitely going to be messing around with that!

  4. Sounds like a haven for luxury home builders. Thanks for sharing the wonderful link.

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