Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Today I'm featuring a guest post from Taryn Browning, author of Dark Seeker, where she'll be telling you about why you should vote for the main character in Dark Seeker, JANIE GREY, in the YA Tournament of Heroines over at the YA Sisterhood on Wednesday, December 7!

If you haven't seen my five-star review of Dark Seeker, check it out by clicking here!

Now, you all should watch this AWESOME video by April, which demonstrates why you should vote Janie!

How cool is that video? :)

Now onto some info about Janie, and Taryn's guest post!

Name: Janie Grey
Affiliation: Human - Seeker
Weapon of Choice:  Dagger blade stake
Talents: Slaying Vampires, Daychildren and all around Butt Kicking with her martial arts and dagger training
Location: Baltimore

From Taryn: Passed down through her Cherokee heritage, she is a Seeker. She hunts down Vampires and Daychildren. These Vamps are not of the sparkly variety..NO! They are nasty mean creatures. But the Daychildren are much worse! Vamp/Demon hybrids mean these vile beings posses demonic abilities and can roam in the daylight. Only Janie Grey stands between them and YOU!

If you want a hardcore Heroine VOTE Janie Grey, she can kick some Vampire butt all day!! 

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  1. Awwe, I just stumbled onto this post! :) thanks for sharing my video. <3